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Dressing The Stones
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Salisbury Plain
Stonehenge Summarised Useful Facts For The Attention Of Visitors
Tenons And Mortices
The Barrows Of Salisbury Plain
The Building Of Stonehenge
The Druid Question
The Earthwork
The Foreign Stones
The Hele Stone Or Friar's Heel
The Legend Of The Friar's Heel
The Lithology Of Stonehenge
The Men Of The Barrows
The Process Of Erection
The Round Barrows
The Slaughtering Stone
The Stones Without The Circle
The Story Of The Sarsens
What Was Stonehenge?
When Was Stonehenge Erected?

The Stones Without The Circle

Outside the circle of Trilithons stand three stones which have not as
yet been described in detail, since they do not fall within the
geometrical arrangement of the circle. They are, however, of the
highest importance, as it is from them, and from their position, that
it is possible to gather some conclusions as to one use to which the
structure may have been put.

Within the circular earthwork, lying in a line north-west and
south-east, are two small untrimmed Sarsens, while outside the
earthwork stands yet another unworked Sarsen, already referred to as
the Hele Stone or Friar's Heel. The fact that these three Sarsens
are unworked, while all the others show very marked traces of dressing
and trimming, is one that should be remembered. These three stones
occupy no haphazard position either. As already stated, the Hele
Stone marks the rising of the sun on the Summer Solstice. The
remaining two mark both its rising on the Winter Solstice, and its
setting on the Summer Solstice.

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