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A Work Of Saturn
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Now My Child Why Is Saturn Fluxible As Wax?
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Of The Spirit Of Gold
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Why Is It Sweet?

Of The Spirit Of Gold

The Clearness of Heaven hath now commanded me to govern my Pen, to
reveal a matter of valour and of permanency; for the Sun is a burning
and consuming Fire, hot and dry, wherein is concealed the right and true
virtue of all Natural things; this virtue of the Sun worketh
Understanding, Riches, and Health. My Mind is very much grieved, and my
Spirit is terrified within it self to discover it publickly, which was
not publish'd in common before, and to make it vocal, which was
concealed in the deep with great secresie. But if I consider in my
self, and enter into my Conscience, I could find no alteration, nor
catch at any thing to disturb my mind, or bring it to another
resolution, which might cause many Obstructions: Yet will I speak with
discretion, and write understanding, that no evil with may follow, but
rather that I may gain a grateful profit, which I have pourtrayed after
the manner and occasion, as the Philosophers before me have done.

Mark now, give your Mind perfect Thoughts, refrain all strange matters,
which are not serviceable to your speculation of Philosophy, but rather
cause a ruine of that benefit, which you pursued with so much diligence;
and know if you have a hearty desire and strong affection to gain the
Golden Magnet, that in the first place your prayer be truly directed to
God, in true Knowledge, Sorrow, Repentance, and true Humility, to know
and learn the three distinct Worlds which are subject to Humane Reason;
as, there is the Super-celestial World, wherein the right immortal Soul
hath its seat and residence, together with its first coming, and is
according to Gods Creation the first moveable Sense, or the first moving
sensible Soul, which hath operated the Natural Life from a Supernatural
Essence; this Soul and Spirit is at first the Root and Fountain, the
first Creature which arose to a Life, and the first Mover, whereof there
hath been so much Disputing among the Learned.

Now take notice of the second Celestial World, and observe it
diligently, for therein the Planets rule, and all the Stars of Heaven
have their course, virtue and power in this Heaven, performing that
Service therein whereunto they are by God ordained, and in this service
they operate the Minerals and Metals by their Spirit.

Go now out of these 2 distinct Worlds into the third, wherein is
contained and found what the other two have wrought, to wit, the
Super-celestial and the Celestial worlds; out of the Super-celestial
arises the Fountain of Life, and of the Soul; out of the other Celestial
world the light of the Spirit; and out of the third or Elementary world,
the invincible Celestial Fire, which yet may be felt, out of which, that
which is tangible is digested; these three Matters and Substances
produce and generate the Form of Metals, among all which Gold hath the
pre-eminence, because the Sidereal & Elementary Operation hath digested
and ripened the Mercury in this Metal the more perfectly to a
sufficient ripeness.

And even as the Male-Seed is injected into the Womb, and touches the
Menstruum, which is its Earth, but the Seed which goes out of the Male
into the Female, is operated in both by the Sydereal and Elementary,
that they be united, and nourished by the Earth unto the Birth.

Even so understand it likewise, that the Soul of Metals which is formed
and conceived out of the Chaos by an intangible, invisible,
incomprehensible, concealed, and supernatural, Celestial Composition of
Water and Air; afterwards it is further concocted by the Celestial
Elementary Light and Fire of the Sun; whereby the Stars move the Powers,
when its heat is perceived in the inward parts of the Earth, as in the
Womb, for the Earth is opened by the warm operating property of the
upper Stars, that their infused Spirit yield a nourishment unto the
Earth, that it may bring forth somewhat, as Metals, Herbs, Trees and
Animals; where each one in particular brings its Seed with it for its
farther augmentation and encrease: And as hath been mentioned, even as
Man is begotten spiritually and heavenly, Soul and Spirit, and by the
nourishment of the Earth in the Body of the Mother is formally brought
up to perfection; even so, and in like manner, is to be observed and
understood of the Metals and Minerals in all points.

But this is the true mystery of Gold, which I will make good to you by
an Example and Parable to certifie you, whereby the possibility of
Nature, and its Mystery is to be found after this manner.

It is evident, that the Celestial Light of the Sun is of a fiery Quality
and Essence, given unto it by a Celestial, fixt and permanent sulphurous
Spirit, by the most High God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, to preserve
its substance, form, and body; which Creature, by its swift motion and
course, is enflamed and kindled by the Air through that swiftness in a
continued manifestation of it; this inflammation can never be extinct,
nor decay in any of its power, so long as its Course last, or this
whole Created visible World shall remain and continue, because there is
no combustible matter at hand which is given unto it, by whose
consumption this great Light of Heaven should fall to decay.

Even so Gold is so digested, ripened, and made into such a fixt
invincible Nature by the Superiours in its Essence, that nothing can
hurt it in the least, because the superiour Stars have past through the
inferiour, that the inferiour fix'd Stars by the influence and donation
of the superiour, cannot in the least give place to its like, for the
inferiour have obtained such a fixedness and permanency from the
superiour; this you may well retain, observe, and take notice of as
concerning the first Matter of Gold.

I must yet produce one comparison according to the Philosophical custom,
of the great Light of Heaven, and of that little terrestrial fire here
daily kindled, and made to burn before our Eyes; because that great
Light hath a magnetick simulation and an attractive living power with
the small fire here on earth, but yet it is unformal and
incomprehensible, only it is found to be spiritual, invisible,
insensible and intangible.

It is to be observed and remembred, as experience manifests, and is
proved, that the great Light of heaven bears an especial sympathy,
affection and inclination to the little earthly fire, by means of the
spiritual Air, whereby they are both promoted and preserved from
Mortality; for behold, when the Air receives into it a Coruption, by
too great humidity attracted up by it, that Clouds are generated by
Mists, and farther coagulations, which hinder the Sun-beams that they
cannot have a reflection, nor get a right penetrating power. So likewise
the small terrestrial fire doth not burn so lively in dusky, dark, rainy
weather, nor manifests it self with joy in its operation, as it doth
when there is a fair, pure, serene, unfalsified heavenly Air; the reason
is, because the sympathy is bound and hindered by the obstruction of
those Accidents and the waterish Air, so that the attractive power is
grieved, that it cannot accomplish its compleat Love and Operation as it
should, for this hinderance brings the aquosity to the contrary Element.

Now even as the Sun, the great Light of Heaven, hath a peculiar
community and sympathy with the small terrestrial fire to attract unto
it, after a Magnetical manner; So also the Sun and Gold have a peculiar
understanding, and an attractive power and sympathy together; for the
Sun hath wrought the Gold by the three Principles, which have their
Magnets, being nearest related to the Sun, and hath gained the next
degree to it, for that the three Principles are found to be most mighty
and powerful therein, Gold immediately succeeds it in its corporal Form,
being composed of the three principles, and hath its beginning and
off-spring from the Celestial and Golden Magnet.

This is the supremest Wisdom of this world, a wisdom above all wisdom,
yea a wisdom above all Natural Reason and Understanding; for by this
wisdom is comprehended first of all Gods Creation, the heavenly Essence,
the Firmamentary Workings, the spiritual Imagination, and the corporal
Essence, it contains all qualities, and properties, and all whatsoever
sustaines and preserves Mankind. In this Golden Magnet sticks and lies
buried the resolution and opening of all Metals and Minerals, their
domination, as also the first Matter of their generation, their power
over health; and again, the coagulation and fixation of Metals, together
with the operation of expelling all Diseases: Take notice of this Key,
for it is Celestial, Sydereal and Elementary, out of which the
terrestrial is generated, it is both Supernatural and Natural, and is
generated Celestially of the Spirit of Mercury, Spiritually of the
Spirit of Sulphur, and Corporally of the Spirit of Salt; this is all
the way, the whole Essence, the beginning and end; for the Spirit and
the Body are bound up together in one by the Soul, that they can never
be separated, but produce a very perfect, durable Body, which nothing
can hurt. Out of this spiritual Essence, and out of this spiritual
Matter, out of which first of all Gold was made into a Body, and became
corporal, out of it is made a more true and compleat Aurum potabile
than out of Gold it self, which must first of all be made spiritual,
before a potable Gold can be prepared out of it.

This Spirit cures and heales the Leprosie and the French Pox, as
being an over-fix'd Mercurial Essence, dries up and consumes the
Dropsie, and all running and open Sores, which have raged a long
season, it strengthens the Heart and Brain, makes a good Memory,
generates good Blood, brings Lust, Delight and Desires in humane
incitation unto Natural Affections. If the Quintessence of Pearl be mixt
with the Tincture of Coral, and be administred with an addition of an
equal quantity of this Spiritual Essence of Gold, the Dose of two grains
taken at once in a just observation, you may be bold & confident of the
truth, that no disaster of any Natural Distemper can harm you, or happen
to you, to the prejudice of your health, because the nature resides only
in the Spirit of Gold, to alter, remove and amend all weaknesses, so
that the Body shall be adjudged perfect and free from any Disease. The
Quintessence of Pearl corroborates the Heart, and make a perfect Memory,
of the five senses. The Tincture of Coral expels all poison, and evil
Spirits which fly from the good. So can the Soul of Gold in a Water turn
the spiritual Essence of the Pearl, and the Sulphur of the Coral united
in one, perform such a thing which otherwise Nature could not be
intrusted with, but seeing that Experience hath manifested it, and
confirmed the undeniable Truth, therefore this Cordial in this temporal
Life is, and ought in reason to precede all other Cordials with
admiration and admirable Effects, be they called by what name soever. I
am an Ecclesiastical person, obedient to the Ecclesiastical degree,
related to the Benedictine Order by a Spiritual and Divine Oath, by
which Order with my internal Prayer, I obtain comfort and promises of
Gods Word, a refreshment to my Soul, but in a corporal temptation of my
weaknesses, and for my Brethren I have not found and used a better
corroboration by Gods Blessing, than these three Compounds united: God
give, bless, and increase this Virtue and Power unto the End of this
temporal World, which Man must change together with Death. O thou golden
power of thy Soul! O thou golden intellect of thy Spirit! O thou golden
operation of thy Body! God the Creator keep thee, and grant unto all
earthly Creatures, who love and honour him, the true understanding of
all Gifts, that thy Will may be done in Heaven and on Earth: This is
enough revealed at present concerning the Spirit of Gold, until the
coming again of Elias.

Hereunto I add a short process:

Take a Spirit of Salt, therewith extract the Sulphur of Gold, separate
the Oil of Salt from it, rectifie the Sulphur of Gold with Spirit of
Wine, that it be pleasant without Corrosive; then take the true Oil of
Vitriol, made of the Vitriol of Verdigreece, therein dissolve
Mars, thereof make a Vitriol again, and again dissolve it into an
Oil or Spirit, which rectifie in like manner as before with Spirit of
Wine, conjoin them, and abstract the Spirit of Wine from it, resolve the
Matter which remaines dry in Spirit of Mercury, according to a just
weight, circulate and coagulate it when it is fix'd and permanent
without Ascention, you have then a Medicine to tinge Man and Metals, if
it be fermented with prepared Gold.

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