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A Work Of Saturn
In A Hectick
In Agues
In The Apoplexie
In The Dropsie
In The Gout
In The Leprosie
In The Plague
Introduction Tincture
Its Multiplication
Its Use In External Diseases
Its Use In Physick
Now My Child Why Is Saturn Fluxible As Wax?
Now We Come To The Manual Operation
Of The First Tincture And Roots Of Metals
Of The Soul Or Tincture Of Tin
Of The Spirit And Tincture Of Mars
Of The Spirit Of Copper
Of The Spirit Of Gold
Of The Spirit Of Mercury
Of The Spirit Of Saturn Or Tincture Of Lead
Of The Spirit Of Silver
Projection Upon Metal
Stibium Or Antimony
The Multiplication Of The Stone Now Perfected
What Hath God In Us For Whose Sake He Hath Created All These Wonders And All These Things?
Why Is It As White As Snow?
Why Is It Sweet?

The Multiplication Of The Stone Now Perfected

Now my Child, you may take the half of your Powder, put it into a Glass
and melt it, have in readiness a Mould made hollow, of Box-wood, great
or small as you please, it must be made smooth and even within with an
Instrument, anoint it with Oil Olive, and when your red Powder is
flux'd, poure it into the Mould, it will be a precious Stone, red as a
Ruby, clear and transparent, take it out of the Mould, and make
projection upon the imperfect Metals, and in the Body of Man.

Take ten times as much of prepared Saturn as I taught you before, by
Coagulation and Solution, till it leave no Faeces behind, then take
your precious red Powder out of the Glass, that two parts be full, set
it into your warm Bath, and let it dissolve: when any thing is
dissolved, decant off that which is clear on the top into another Glass,
poure other Vinegar upon it, let it dissolve again as before, decant and
poure fresh Vinegar upon it so often, till all be dissolved into a clear
Water, which is done usually in ten or twelve days, then set all that
which is dissolved into a Bath, and a head upon it, distil the Vinegar
from it again, and coagulate the Matter so long till it be dry and
shine, then put it into another Glass, which set upon a Furnace in a
Cuple with sifted Ashes, laying a polish'd Glass upon the Mouth of the

My Child, know that your Matter is become fixt with the Stone in the
solution, make an indifferent hot fire in the furnace, so hot as the
heat of the Sun at Midsummer, or somewhat hotter; till the Matter
begin to be yellow, then go on with the Fire from one degree to another,
till you have a perfect yellow, then increase the Fire from one degree
to another, till you have a perfect redness, which is quickly done, in
half the time for the colour to come, and in the multiplication, but
operate as before in the beginning, and poure Paradise water upon the
Stone, as was taught you before in this Work, boil and mortifie it in
every point to a perfect redness as hath been taught.

Then may you again take half of it out, and make projection therewith,
and multiply the other half again in all points as abovesaid, so may you
always continue working.

Now I will teach you the other way, and the best that is to water your
red fixt Stone or powder with the red Oil, that it be fusible; you must
know how much your red powder weighs, then take half the weight of your
red Oil, to the full weight of the Stone, and poure it upon the red
powder, and when the Oil is poured into the Glass, you may set a small
head on, upon a Furnace in sifted Ashes, joining a Receiver to the Nose
of the head, make a small fire under it, as the heat of the Sun in
March, and no hotter; for there is yet some moisture of the Vinegar in
the Oil, that it may be abstracted, continue it in that heat, that can
perceive no moisture in the Head, then augment the fire a little, as the
heat of the Sun at Midsummer, and if there be yet more moisture in it,
you will perceive it in the head, but if you perceive it not in 6 or 8
days, then take the head off, and lay the polish'd Glass again upon the
mouth of your Glass, increase the fire, that you can scarce endure your
hand or finger in the Ashes an Ave-Mary while, continue the fire in
that heat till the red Oil be all fixt with the Powder in the Glass,
which you may know thus;

Take a little of the powder out of the Glass, lay it on a glowing Silver
Plate, if the powder melts as wax, and penetrates through the Plate as
Oil doth through a dry Leather, and makes it Gold throughout, as far as
the powder went, then is the Stone finish'd, and if it do not this, you
must then let it stand in that heat till it do so without fuming.

Now, my Child, when the Stone is finish'd, take half of it out of the
Glass, put it into a Glass melting-pot, and melt the powder gently,
which should be done presently, for it melts as Wax; and being melted,
poure it into the Mould of Box-wood as aforesaid, it will be a red stone
clear and transparent as Crystal, red as a Ruby, then make projection
therewith, and set the other half again to multiply.

Then take in Gods Name twenty parts of Saturn, which is prepared by
Solution and Coagulation, till it leave no more Faeces behind, as hath
been said at the beginning. Dissolve these twenty parts of Saturn,
dissolve by itself in a Glass with distilled Vinegar; likewise dissolve
the powder of your Stone alone by it self in a Glass with distilled
Vinegar, and when both are dissolved into clear water, poure both the
Solutions together into a great Glass, set it into a Bath, a head on,
and a Receiver to it, distil the Vinegar from it in the boiling Bath,
till the Matter be dry, then let it cool of itself, put it into a Glass,
lay a polish'd Glass over the mouth of the Glass, and set it into a
Furnace in a Cuple with sifted Ashes, make a fire under it like to the
Suns heat in March, till the powder be perfect white, which is quickly

Then augment your fire from one degree to another, till the Matter
become yellower and yellower, to a perfect yellow; then increase it yet
stronger, from one degree to another, till it be redder and redder, to a
perfect redness; then poure your water upon the red powder with the red
Oil, or with the water of Paradise, or with the clear sharp Vinegar, or
call it how you will, doing in all points as hath been taught, till the
red powder flux like Wax upon a Silver Plate, without fuming,
penetrating it as Oil doth dry Leather, that it become good Gold within
and without; then render thanks unto God, be obedient to him for his
Gifts and Graces.

You may again take one half out of the Glass, and make projection,
setting the other half in again, as hath been taught, so may you work
all your Life-time, for the poor, and perform other duties to Gods
Glory, and Salvation of your Soul, as I have said before; enough to the

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