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Occult Lessons


The Astral Senses

Telepathy Vs Clairvoyance

Telepathy Explained

Scientific Telepathy

Mind Reading And Beyond

Clairvoyant Psychometry

Clairvoyant Crystal Gazing

Clairvoyant Reverie

Simple Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance Of Distant Scenes

Clairvoyance Of The Past

Clairvoyance Of The Future

Second-sight Prevision Etc

Astral-body Traveling

Strange Astral Phenomena

Psychic Influence; Its Laws And Principles

Personal Psychic Influence Over Others

Psychic Influence At A Distance

Laws Of Psychic Attraction

Nature's Finer Forces

Knowledge Versus Faith

Supernormal Not Supernatural

Supernormal Not Abnormal

The Prevailing Ignorance

Prejudice Against The Unusual

Great Changes Impending

The Naturalness Of The Occult Powers

The World Of Vibrations

Super-sensible Vibrations

The Higher Vibrations

Unseen Worlds

Interpenetrating Planes And Worlds

Manifold Planes Of Existence

Planes And Vibrations

The Higher Senses Of Men

The World Of Sensation

A Senseless World

The Elemental Sense

The Raw Material Of Thought

The Evolution Of The Senses

Unfoldment Of New Senses

Discovery Of New Worlds

Transcendental Senses

We Sense Only Vibratory Motion

The Higher Planes Of Nature

An Appeal To Reason

Mental Vibrations And Transmissions

The Higher Forces

Chitta Or Mind Substance

What Modern Science Says

A Living Dynamic Focus

Dynamic Correlate Of Thought

Answer To Skeptical Critics

The World Of Vibrations

Uncharted Seas Of Vibration

The Human Wireless Telegraph Instrument

A Great Scientist's Theory

Human Electro-magnetism

Human Etheric Force

The Brain-battery

A Peculiar Organ

The Pineal Gland

Transmission Of Thought

A General Principle

Transformation Of Vibrations

Example Of Electric Light

Example Of Wireless Telegraphy

Example Of Light Waves

Transformation Of Mental Vibrations

Vibrational Attunement

In Tune With Higher Planes

The Two Key-words

Thought Transference

Involuntary Transmission Of Mental Vibrations

Thought Waves

Vibratory Thought Force

Mental Atmospheres

The Contagion Of Thought

Mental Whirlpools

Mental Tidal Waves

Mental Attunement

Voluntary Transmission Of Mental Vibrations

Voluntary Mental Influence

White Magic

Black Magic

Base Use Of Mind Power

The Secret Of Witchcraft

Modern Black Magic

The Explanation Of Sorcery

The Power Of Fearthought

The Negative Pole

Voodooism Explained


Repelling Adverse Influences

Neutralizing Psychic Influences

Telepathic Phenomena

Scientific Investigators

How Experiments Are Conducted

Private Experiments

Development Of Telepathic Power

Mind Reading

Development Practices

The Willing Game

Formal Tests

Automatic Writing

Psychic Sensitiveness

Clairvoyance And Kindred Phenomena

Clairvoyance Defined

The Phenomena Of Clairvoyance

Classification According To General Distinctions


The Psychic Scent

Magnetic Affinity

Distant En Rapport

Psychic Underground Exploration

Psychic Detective Work

How To Psychometrize

Developing Psychometry

Varieties Of Psychometry

Psychometric Getting In Touch

Psychometric Readings

Crystal Gazing Etc

Crystals And Bright Objects

The Care Of The Crystal

How To Use The Crystal

The Milky Mist

Classes Of Psychic Pictures

General Directions For Crystal Gazing

Selection Of Place Etc

Adjusting The Crystal

Time Of Sittings

Other Persons Present

Crystalline Vision

Physical Requirements

Determining Time Of Fulfillment

Two Classes Of Visions

Time And Space In Crystal Gazing

Direct Clairvoyance

Trance Conditions

Clairvoyant Reverie

The Dawn Of Clairvoyance

Methods Of Development

Clairvoyance: Past Present And Future

Present Clairvoyance

The Human Aura

The Prana Aura

The Auric Colors

Thought Forms

The X-ray Sense

Microscopic Vision

Space Clairvoyance

The Psychic Telescope


Sensing The Higher Vibrations

Viewing Distant Scenes

Time Clairvoyance

Past Time Clairvoyance

The Mystery Of Seeing The Past

Analogies On The Physical Plane

Thousand-year-old Light

Reading The Light Waves

The Akashic Plane

The Akashic Records

Degrees Of Clairvoyant Vision

The Memory Of Nature

Involuntary Clairvoyance

Future Time Clairvoyance

Seeing What Has Not Yet Happened

Simple Prevision

The Nature Of Time

The Oriental Teaching

The Eternal Now

Absolute Time

The Occult Hypothesis

The Prophecy Of Cazotte

The Dinner Of The Elect

The Illuminatus

The Beginning Of The Prophecy

The Shadow Of The Guillotine

The Fall Of The Great

The Fate Of Royalty

The Fulfillment Of The Prophecy

Other Historical Instances

The Eternal Verities


What Is Mediumship?

Ancient Mediumship

Mediumship And Religious Belief

The Ideals Of Modern Spiritualism

Immortality Demonstrated Through Mediumship

The Truth Of Personal Survival

The Gateway Of Mediumship

The Mediumistic Character

Mediumistic Sensitivity

The Higher Vibratory Forces

Psychic Attunement

The Development Of Mediumship

Unconscious Mediumship

Mediumship And Individuality

Co-operation Of Medium And Spirits

Mediumship Not Dangerous

Rational Mediumship

The Home Circle

The Cure For Fraudulent Mediumship

Warning To Young Mediums

Mediumistic Conditions

Physical Phenomena

Psychic Force

Human Magnetism



Mental Phenomena

The Value Of Phenomena

Trance Condition Not Essential

Scientific Reports On Phenomena

Phenomena Without Darkness

Test Conditions

Is Darkness Necessary?

Developing Circles

Impersonating Mediumship

The Proper Mental Condition

Demand Proof Of Spirit Identity

The Trance Condition

Spirit Inspiration

Spirit Suggestion

Psychic Attunement

Automatic Writing

Inspirational Writing

Gradual Development Of Powers

Spirit Guides

No Loss Of Individuality

Mediumship Beneficial

Mediumship And The Bible

How To Develop Mediumship

Who Are Mediumistic?

The Mediumistic Temperament

Is Mediumship Desirable?

Developing The Natural Power

Mediumship And Genius

Spontaneous Mediumship

Mediumistic Flashes

Systematic Development

The Development Circle

The Aspirational Attitude

Natural Unfoldment

Persistent Watchful Waiting

Building Lines Of Communication

Developing Concentration

The Call For Illumination

The Jacob's Ladder Of Communion

The Attainment Of Excellence

What A Development Circle Is

Forming The Development Circle

The Sitters In The Circle

The Spirit Communication Code

The Matter Of Time Conditions

Opening Of The Seance

Developing A Medium

The Personnel Of The Circle

Changing The Sitters

Adding A Medium

Reasons For Changes

Psychic Attunement

Pre-test Manifestations

Premature Tests

Forcing Tests

Spirit Directions

Questioning The Spirits

Substance And Shadow

Mediumistic Phenomena

The Part Played By The Sitters

Result Of Bad Sitters

Mental Atmosphere Of The Medium

The Mediumistic Mind

Mediumistic Stage Fright

The Psychic Telephone System

Interrupted Communications

Some Difficulties Of The Spirits

Difficulties Overcome

The Psychic Triangle

Harmonious Relationship

The Discordant Note

Antagonistic Elements

The Open Mind

Spirits And The Sense Of Humor

Rhythmic Harmony

Retarding Factors

Reasonable Demands Of Spirits

Harmonious Conditions

The Channel Of Communication

The Role Of The Spirits

Differences Among Spirits

Disturbing Elements

Impersonation Mediumship

The True Purpose Of Mediumship

Gradual Development

Public Seances

Home Circle Development

Undue Prolongation Of Seances

Good Advice To Young Mediums

Self-protection For Mediums

Danger In Indiscriminate Magnetizing

Detrimental Magnetic Influence

Mediumistic Auto-suggestion

Psychic Sponges

Investigate Your Spirits

Spirits Are Still Human Beings

Beware Of Domineering Spirits

Experiences In The Circle

Signs Of Spirit Presence

Spirit Rappings

Table Tippings

The Spirit Signals

Flashes Of Communication

Spirit Code Signals

Ouija Boards

A Home-made Ouija Board

Trance Or Inspirational Mediumship

Symptoms Of Trance Condition

The Entranced State

Trance Phenomena

Entering The Trance

Advice To Trance Mediums

Speaking Mediumship

Public Speaking Under Control

Spirit Advice And Counsel

Impersonating Manifestations

Incidents Of Impersonations

Incidents Of Inspirational Mediumship

Value Of Identification

Fraudulent Claims Of Identity

Guarding Against Fraudulent Spirits

Spirit Jokers

A Typical Case Of Identification

Recalling Past Incidents

Identifying Property

Identifying Historical Personages

Higher Spirit Manifestations

Spirit Psychometry And Clairvoyance

Spirit Psychic Assistance

Writing Mediumship

Incidents Of Writing Mediumship

Developing Writing Mediumship

Stead's Method And Results

Automatic Writing Vs Inspirational Writing

Use And Abuse Of Automatic Writing

Advice To Writing Mediums

Drawing Mediumship

The Planchette

How To Use The Planchette

Healing Mediumship

How To Heal By Spirit Power

Materialization Mediumship

Why The Cabinet Is Necessary

How To Make The Spirit Cabinet

How To Use The Spirit Cabinet

Spirit Phosphorescence

Appearance Of Materialized Substance

Materialized Spirit Forms

Scientific Proof Of Materialization

How To Conduct A Materializing Seance

Trumpet Mediumship

Spirit Playing On Musical Instruments Etc

Independent Slate Writing

The Slate Writing Circle

Spirit Paintings

Fraudulent Slate Writing

Practical Advice To Developing Mediums

Need Of Special Development

Advice To Discouraged Mediums

Avoid Cross-magnetism

Avoid Psychic Absorption

The Stewardship Of Great Powers


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