Clairvoyance And Kindred Phenomena

A very large and very interesting class of occult or psychic phenomena

is that known under the very general classification of "Clairvoyance,"

which term we have thought it advisable to employ in this sense in this

book, notwithstanding the technical objections urged by some against

such a general usage. The term "Clairvoyance" really means "clear

seeing," or "clear sight," but its special meaning, established by long

usage, is "A power of discerning objects not perceptible to the normal

senses." When it comes to the technical use of the term by students and

teachers of psychic research and occultism, however, there is found a

confused meaning of the term, some employing it in one sense, and others

in another one. Accordingly, it is perhaps as well to explain the

particular usage adopted and followed in this book.

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