Clairvoyance: Past Present And Future

As we have said in the preceding chapter, in our consideration of the

general subject of Clairvoyance, there is possible a general

classification of clairvoyant phenomena according to general

distinctions, as follows: (1) PRESENT CLAIRVOYANCE, in which the objects

perceived by the clairvoyant are present in time and in space, although

invisible to normal sight; (2) SPACE CLAIRVOYANCE, in which the

clairvoyant vision includes objects and scenes removed in space from the

normal perception of the clairvoyant; and (3) TIME CLAIRVOYANCE, in

which the clairvoyant perceives objects or scenes removed from him in

past time, or future time.

While the general methods of manifesting these various forms of

clairvoyant power are practically the same, yet the nature of these

several forms of phenomena vary considerably, as we shall see when we

come to consider them in detail in the following pages: this is

particularly true in the case of the distinction between past-time

clairvoyant phenomena, and future-time clairvoyant phenomena--the

difference between the perception of what has been, and that which has

not yet been.

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