Mental Vibrations And Transmissions

In the category of Nature's Finer Forces must be included that class of

manifestations which are generally known as Telepathy, Thought

Transference, Thought Force, etc., all of which are based upon the fact

that there is present in all such mental states as Thought, Emotion,

Desire, etc., a certain rate of vibratory motion, which motion is

capable of being radiated from the mind of the person manifesting them

in such power and force that they may be registered with more or less

distinctness upon the minds of other persons are at a greater or less

distance from the first person. In the more common forms of its

manifestation, such mental force or power is known as Thought Force,

Mental Influence, etc., and in its more pronounced and less common

phases it is known as Telepathy, Thought Transference, etc., but the

basic principle is precisely the same in all of such cases, simple or

complex though their manifestations may be.

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