Need Of Special Development

A writer says: "As a general rule, the best results of mediumship are

secured by special development along the lines of natural aptitude. A

'Jack of all trades is master of none,' and such a one is a failure in

mediumship as in anything else. You may find it helpful to visit a

public medium who is already developed, and who can examine you and give

you insight into your natural psychic powers, and counsel you regarding

your qualifications and aptitudes, and tell you what to do. But do not

attach too much importance to directions received in that way, because

so much depends upon the knowledge and power of the operator. One spirit

might use you with success in one direction, and another in some other

phase; just as one mesmerist may make a subject clairvoyant when

another has previously attempted to do so and failed. Nothing but actual

experience will settle that point. If, however, after a reasonable

amount of patient devotion to the experiment you do not succeed, or are

disappointed with what has been done, it will be advisable to effect a

change in the conditions. A dissatisfied state of mind is a dangerous

one. You may, if you choose, sit by yourself, and try to obtain table

movements, or to get 'automatic' or passive writing. You can make

experiments in psychometry or try crystal gazing, or endeavor to

visualize and to become clairaudient, but we should not advise you to

sit alone and invite spirits to put you into the trance. It is better to

join some good private circle."

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