Prejudice Against The Unusual

Those to whom the above illustration may seem far-fetched, exaggerated,

and unwarranted, are asked to carefully consider the ignorant and

unthinking attitude which the great majority of the general public, at

least at first, present toward that most wonderful display of

supernormal powers, known as "occult" or "psychic," made by the few

highly developed individuals of the race who are able to manifest them

to some degree. These individuals are regarded as "queer," and

"strange," "unnatural," and "abnormal" by their ignorant and unthinking

neighbors and associates, just as the seeing and hearing exceptional

individuals were likewise so regarded by their blind and deaf neighbors

in the above illustration. And, here as in the illustration it is only

the few intelligent and thinking individuals of the community who

recognize that the departure from the standard type is in the direction

of advancement and gain, rather than of retrogression and loss--a plus

attribute, rather than a minus one. The illustration is startlingly true

and in accordance with the facts of the case, as many thoughtful persons

know only to well, and admit sadly.

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