Some Difficulties Of The Spirits

A writer on the subject has well said regarding this difficulty on the

part of the communicating spirit: "Spirits have many difficulties to

overcome." On one occasion, a medium felt the influence of an arisen

friend very strongly. It was accompanied by an intense desire to speak,

and yet the medium was unable to give utterance to that which the spirit

wished to have said. In answer to an inquiry that was subsequently made

as to why the spirit had been unable to communicate with his dear ones,

one of the familiar controls of the medium explained that he thought

that he had actually spoken. His feeling of nearness to them was so

vivid, and his wish to express himself through the lips of the medium

had been so intense, that it was only after he had ceased his efforts to

control that he realized that he had only THOUGHT and INTENDED, but had

not succeeded in compelling the sensitive to utter his message. This

will perhaps explain why mediums sometimes rise to their feet and act as

if they were about to speak, but get no further--they do not receive the

impression, or the right mental impulse; they feel as if they COULD

speak and yet they have nothing to say. At such times a few words of

sympathy and inquiry from the conductor of the circle may assist the

control to realize the situation and succeed in his endeavors to


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