Spirit Psychometry And Clairvoyance

In those instances in which the controlling influence of such phenomena

is clearly that of disembodied spirits, we find two distinct classes of

the same, as follows: (1) cases in which the spirits aided in the

establishing of the psychic rapport, and thus rendered more efficient,

clear, and strong; (2) cases in which the spirits exerted their own

psychometric, clairvoyant or clairaudient power, and then communicated

the result through their mediums to the circle. In the first of above

classes, the psychic faculties of the medium really perform the work,

although greatly aided by the addition of the psychic power of the

spirit. In the second of the above classes, the work is performed solely

by the psychic powers of the spirits, and the medium acts merely as the

line of communication between spirit and the circle. It must be

remembered that the spirits who have passed out of the body are

possessed of the same order of psychic faculties as are those still in

the body, and that, likewise, on both planes there is a great variation

of the degree of such powers between different individuals.

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