Spirit Rappings

At the first sitting, or one shortly following after the first, it is

likely that raps will be produced, and communication established in this

way. In such case the leader of the circle (not the medium) should be

sure to inform the spirits just what communicating code is to be used in

the circle, so that there may be no misunderstanding concerning the

same. In such case he should address the spirits as if there were

several present, for such will most likely be the case. It must be

remembered, however, that the raps will not always come from the table.

They may also, for that matter, come from the wall, the ceiling, or from

some of the furniture in the room. The table raps come from the top of

the table or under the table. Sometimes they sound like ordinary raps,

and then again they may give forth a peculiar hollow sound which is

difficult to describe or to definitely locate. The appearance of these

raps give positive proof that the conditions are being established more

or less fully, and the success of the circle is almost sure to follow.

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