The Human Aura

In the first place, this mode of clairvoyant vision discloses the

interesting phenomena concerned with the human aura, or psychic

atmosphere which surrounds the human body for a space of several feet,

assuming an egg-shaped form. A writer says on this point: "The trained

clairvoyant vision sees the human aura as a nebulous hazy substance,

like a luminous cloud, surrounding the person for two or three feet on

each side of his body, becoming more dense near the body, and gradually

becoming less dense as it extends away from the body. It has a

phosphorescent appearance, with a peculiar tremulous motion manifesting

through its substance. The clairvoyant sees the human aura as composed

of all the colors of the spectrum, the combination shifting with the

changing mental and emotional states of the person. But, in a general

way, it may be said that each person has his or her distinctive astral

auric colors, depending upon his or her general character or

personality. Each mental state, or emotional manifestation, has its own

particular shade or combination of shades of auric coloring. This

beautiful kaleidoscopic spectacle has its own meaning to the occultist

with clairvoyant vision, for he is thus able to read the character and

general mental states of the person by means of studying his auric

colors. The human aura is not in a state of calm phosphorescence,

however. On the contrary, it sometimes manifests great flames, like

those of a fiery furnace, which shoot forth great tongues, and dart

forth suddenly in certain directions toward the objects attracting them.

Under great emotional excitement the auric flames move around in swift

circling whirlpools, or else swirl away from a centre. Again, it seems

to throw forth tiny glistening sparks of psychic vibrations, some of

which travel for a great distance.

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