The Phenomena Of Clairvoyance

The phenomena of Clairvoyance may be subdivided (a) according to methods

employed, and also (b) according to general distinctions. The said

classifications follow:

CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO METHODS. The classification of Clairvoyant

Phenomena according to methods employed, proceeds as follows: (1)

PSYCHOMETRY, in which the clairvoyant becomes en rapport through the

medium of some physical object connected with the person or scene which

is the object of the en rapport connection; (2) CRYSTAL GAZING, etc., in

which the en rapport connection is established by means of a crystal,

magic mirror, etc., into which the clairvoyant gazes; (3) DIRECT

CLAIRVOYANCE, in which the clairvoyant directly establishes the en

rapport connection by means of raising his or her psychic vibrations so

as to become "in tune" with the finer vibrations of Nature, without the

aid of physical objects.

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