The Proper Mental Condition

The young medium, however, should beware against striving too hard to be

the instrument of the phenomena of spirit impersonation. For a too

intense anxiety, and desire to please sitters, frequently tends to

produce a cloudy mental state in which the ideas in the mind of the

medium blend with the spirit communication, and thus produces a most

unsatisfactory result, and one which is apt to confuse the minds of the

sitters and sometimes actual arouse suspicion that the medium is trying

to practice deception. For this reason the young medium should not seek

the attendance of persons desiring "test seances;" at least, such should

be his course until he has learned not to be carried away with his

desire to please or to satisfy such persons attending his circles. He

should endeavor to cultivate a mental condition of calmness, and a

determination not to influence or to interfere with the spirit

communications in any way whatsoever, but, instead, to allow himself to

become a passive instrument for the communication. The medium should

remember that he is not a dealer in merchandise "warranted to please,"

but is, instead, a medium of communication between the spirit and those

still in earth-life.

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