Past Time Psychomancy

As we have previously stated, "Time Psychomancy" is a term used to

designate that phase of the phenomena in which one senses objects,

events, persons, etc., in the records of the past; and also in which he

senses the indications of the future--"the shadows of coming events."

For convenience, we shall separate our consideration of the subject

into two parts, viz.: (1) Past Time Psychomancy; and (2) Future Time
/> Psychomancy.

Past Time Psychomancy is that phase of the phenomena which enables one

to use his Astral Vision to explore the records of the past, and we

shall now proceed to examine.

The first question that naturally arises in the minds of careful

students, in connection with this phase of the phenomena, is, "How is

the person able to sense the scenes, occurrences, and objects of the

past? There are no vibrations emanating from past scenes, and as they

no longer exist, how can anyone see them, by Astral Vision, or by any

other means?" This question is a most proper one, for even those who

readily grasp the explanation of Space Psychomancy find themselves at a

loss to understand the Past Time Phenomena without a knowledge of the

Occult Teachings on the subjects.