The Akashic Records

The secret of Past Time Psychomancy is found in the Occult Teachings of

the "Akashic Records" by which is meant that on the higher planes of

Universal Substance, there are to be found records of all that has

happened and occurred during the entire World Cycle of which the

present time forms a part. These records are preserved until the

termination of the World Cycle, when they pass away with the World of

which they are
a record. This does not mean that there is any Great

Book in which the doings, good and bad, of people are written down by

the Recording Angel, as popular fanciful legends have it. But it does

mean that there is a scientific occult basis for the popular legend, in

spite of the sneers of the skeptics. We must turn to modern science for

a corroboration. It is now taught by scientists that there is no such

thing as a destruction of Energy, but that Energy always exists in some

form. The Occult Teachings verify this, and go further, when they state

that every action, thought, happening, event, occurrence, etc., no

matter how small or insignificant, leaves an indelible record on the

Akasha (or Universal Ether) with which Space is filled. In other words,

every action, or scene, that has ever occurred or existed in the past,

has left an impression in the Universal Ether, or Akasha, where it may

be read by developed Psychomancy.

There is nothing especially wonderful about this, when you compare it

with other facts in nature. Astronomy teaches us that light travels at

the rate of 186,000 miles a second--and that there are fixed stars in

space so far removed from the Earth that their light leaving them

hundreds, yes, thousands, of years ago, is only now reaching our sight.

In other words, when we look at some of the fixed stars, we do not see

them as they now are, or where they now are, but merely see them where

and how they were hundreds of years ago when the rays of light left

them. Astronomers tell us that if one of these stars happened to be

blotted out of existence hundreds of years ago, we would be still

seeing the light that left them before the event--in other words would

be seeing them hundreds of years after they had ceased to be. And our

children, and children's children, for several generations would still

see them, and would not learn of the terrible catastrophe for hundreds

of years after it actually happened. The vibrations of light once set

into motion would persist for centuries, and even for thousands of

years after their source had disappeared. This is no wild occult fancy,

but a well-proven and thoroughly-established scientific fact, as any

one may see for himself by reference to any work on astronomy. And the

same is true of waves of electricity, or electronic emanations, or

waves of any kind of energy. Really, even in the physical view of

things, nothing can exist without leaving a record in the Universal

Ether. And so the Occult Teachings now find their corroboration in

Modern Science.

Another illustration is found in the phenomena of the Memory of Man.

Stored away in our brain cells are records of things, events, scenes,

occurrences, people, and objects, registered there in past years. You

often find yourself thinking about people, things and events of years

long since passed away--and by a mere effort of the will you bring the

records of these people, things, or events before your mental vision

and see them reproduced in detail. Dissect a brain-cell and you will

find no trace of the thing there--but nevertheless every exercise of

memory proves that the record is there. And there is nothing more

wonderful, or miraculous, in the Akashic Records of Past Events, than

there is in the Memory Record of Past Events! The Universal Ether, or

Akasha, has within itself a true and full record of anything, and

everything, that has ever existed within its space. And if one develops

the power to read these records at will, he has a full and complete key

to the past, from the speaking of the Creative Word which began this

great World Cycle.

But, in order to avoid a misapprehension, we must say to our students

that none but the most advanced and highly-developed Occultists and

Masters have clear access to the planes upon which these records are to

be found. The majority of Psychomancers merely see on the "Lower Astral

Plane" a reflection of the Akashic Records, which reflection may be

compared to the reflection of the trees and landscape in a pond of

water, which of course, is often more or less imperfect--distorted and

disturbed by the ripples and waves occasioned by the passing breezes,

and sometimes being made muddy and clouded. The records of the Past,

open to the average Psychomancer, are merely "~reflections of

records~," which are apt to be more or less distorted, or cloudy, by

reason of the disturbances of the surface of the reflecting medium.

This is a brief and simple statement of an important Occult scientific

truth, which would require volumes to explain technically. The

illustration of the reflecting surface of the water, however, is so

true to the real facts that the student may confidently adopt the same

as his mental image of the phenomena of Past Time Psychomancy.

In actual practice we find the phenomena of Past Time Psychomancy

manifested principally along the line of Psychometry and Crystal

Gazing, the consideration of which phases of phenomena has been made in

previous lessons in this book. There are to be found, however, many

instances of at least a partial manifestation of this phase of power

among individuals in every-day life, who when meeting a person

frequently get impressions (more or less correct) of his or her past

life, past scenes, etc.

The German writer, Zschokke, in his autobiography, writes as follows

regarding this power of Past Time Psychomancy possessed by him, and

which was often set into operation when he came into the presence of

strangers for the first time. He states: "It has happened to me

sometimes, on my first meeting with strangers, as I silently listened

to their discourse, that their former life, with many trifling

circumstances therewith connected, or frequently some particular scene

in that life, has passed quite involuntarily, and, as it were,

dream-like, yet perfectly distinct, before me. During this time I

usually feel so entirely absorbed in the contemplation of the

stranger's life, that at last I no longer see clearly the face of the

unknown wherein I undesignedly read, nor distinctly hear the voices of

the speakers, which before served in some measure as a commentary on

the text of their features. For a long time I held such visions as

delusions of the fancy, and the more so as they showed me even the

dress and emotions of the actors, rooms, furniture, and other

accessories, but I soon discovered otherwise.

"On one occasion, in a gay mood, I narrated to my family the secret

history of a seamstress who had just before quitted the room. I had

never seen the young woman before. Nevertheless, the hearers were

astonished and laughed, and would not be persuaded but that I had a

previous acquaintance with her and the facts of her former life,

inasmuch as what I had stated was perfectly true. I was not the less

astonished than they to find that my vision agreed with reality."

"I then gave more attention to the subject, and as often as propriety

allowed of it, I related to those whose lives had passed before me, the

substance of my visions, in order to obtain from them a contradiction

or verification thereof. On every occasion the confirmation followed,

not without amazement on the part of those who gave it."

"One day, in the city of Waldshut, I entered an inn (the Vine) in

company with two young students. We supped with a numerous company at

the table d'hote, where the guests were making very merry with the

peculiarities of the Swiss, with Mesmer's magnetism, Lavater's

physiognomy, etc. One of my companions, whose national pride was

wounded by their mockery, begged me to make some reply, particularly to

a handsome young man who sat opposite to us, and who had allowed

himself extraordinary license. This man's life was at that moment

presented to my mind. I turned to him, and asked whether he would

answer me candidly if I related to him some of the most secret passages

of his life, I knowing as little of him personally as he did of me. He

promised, if I were correct, to admit it frankly. I then related what

my vision had shown me, and the whole company were made acquainted with

the private history of the young merchant--his school years, his

youthful errors, and, lastly, with a fault committed in reference to

the strong-box of his principal. I described the uninhabited room with

whitened walls, where, to the right of the brown door, on a table,

stood a black money-box, etc. A dead silence prevailed during the whole

narrative, which I alone occasionally interrupted by inquiring whether

I spoke the truth. The startled young man confirmed every particular,

and even, what I had scarcely expected, the last mentioned. Touched by

his candor, I shook hands with him, and said no more. He is, probably,

still living."