The Astral Senses

The Occult Teachings inform us that in addition to the Five Physical

Senses possessed by man, viz: Seeing; Feeling; Hearing; Tasting; and

Smelling; each of which has its appropriate sense organ, every

individual is also possessed of Five Astral Senses, which form a part

of what is known to Occultists as the Astral Body. These Astral Senses,

which are the astral counterparts of the five physical senses, operate

upon wha
Occultists call the Astral Plane, which is next above the

Physical Plane, in the Sevenfold Scale of Planes. Just as do the

Physical Senses operate upon the Physical Plane, so do the Astral

Senses operate upon the Astral Plane.

By means of these Astral Senses, one may sense outside objects without

the use of the physical senses usually employed. And it is through this

sensing by these Astral Senses, that the phenomena of Psychomancy

becomes possible.

By the employment of the Astral Sense of Seeing, the Psychomancer is

able to perceive occurrences, scenes, etc., at a distance sometimes

almost incredibly far; to see through solid objects; to see records of

past occurrences in the Astral Ether; and to see Future Scenes thrown

ahead in Time, like the shadows cast by material objects--"coming

events cast their shadows before," you have heard. By the use of the

Astral Sense of Hearing, he is able to sense sounds over immense

distances and often after the passage of great periods of time, for the

Astral vibrations continue for many years.

The Astral senses of Taste and Smell are seldom used, although there

are abundant proofs of their existence. The Astral Sense of Feeling

enables the Psychomancer to become aware of certain occurrences on the

Astral Plane, and to perceive impressions, mental and otherwise, that

are being manifested at a distance. The Astral Sense of Feeling may be

explained as being rather a sense of "Awareness," than a mere

"Feeling," inasmuch as the Psychomancer, through its channel, becomes

"aware" of certain occurrences, other than by Astral Sight or Hearing,

and yet which is not "Feeling" as the word is used on the Physical

Plane. It may be well called "Sensing" for want of a better name, and

manifests in a vague consciousness or "awareness." But still we must

not overlook the fact that there are many instances of true "feeling"

on the Astral Plane, for instances, cases where the Psychomancer

actually "feels" the pain of another, which phenomena is commonly known

as "sympathetic pains," "taking on the condition," etc., etc., and

which are well known to all investigators as belonging to the phenomena

of the Astral Senses.