The Astral Tube

The term, "~The Astral Tube~," is frequently met with in the writings

of Occultists, but you will find very little more than a mention of it

in many of such works, the proverbial caution of the older writers

having acted in the direction of preventing their entering into a

fuller description or explanation, for fear of the information falling

into improper hands. This will be more readily understood, when we

tell you t
at the Astral Tube is, and may be, used for classes of

phenomena other than that of Psychomancy, notably that of Mental

Influencing, "treating", etc., which however forms no part of the

present work, but which will be discussed in a future volume of the

series to be called "Mental Influence, etc."

The Astral Plane is composed of an ethereal form of matter, very much

rarer and finer than the matter of the Physical Plane--but matter,

nevertheless, and subject to fixed laws and conditions. And, just as it

is possible to establish "lines of force" in the physical matter, so

may corresponding "lines of force" be established in Astral matter. And

this Astral Tube is really such a "line of force." In other words, it

is possible to set up and establish a "line of force" on the Astral

Plane, that will serve as a ready conductor of Astral vibrations,

currents, etc., and which affords a highly efficient channel of

communication between objects far removed from each other in space. And

this channel is actually created and used in a variety of forms of

Occult phenomena.