The Aura

The majority of our readers are familiar with the fact that all

persons, and objects, are surrounded by an emanation called an "Aura,"

or egg-shaped psychic emanation extending several feet around them.

This aura is charged with the thought-vibrations of the persons, and is

really the "atmosphere" that we feel surrounding people and by which we

feel attracted or repelled as the case may be. The trained and

developed Ps
chomancer is able to see the colors by which the various

emotions, thoughts, etc., are indicated, but even when that degree of

power is lacking, he may "feel" the general character of the various

component parts of the person's aura.

While it is not our intention to go deeply into this matter of Auric

Colors, in this work, still we think it well to indicate the same here,

by quoting from a well-known authority on the subject, who says: "As he

looks at a person he will see him surrounded by the luminous mist of

the astral aura, flashing with all sorts of brilliant colors, and

constantly changing in hue and brilliancy with every variation of the

person's thoughts and feelings. He will see this aura flooded with the

beautiful rose-color of pure affection; the rich blue of devotional

feeling; the hard dull brown of selfishness; the deep scarlet of anger;

the horrible lurid red of sensuality; the livid grey of fear; the black

clouds of hatred and malice; or any of the other hundredfold

indications so easily to be read in it by a practiced eye; and thus it

will be impossible for any persons to conceal from him the real state

of their feelings on any subject."

But only a comparatively few are able to distinctly ~see~ these Auric

Colors, by reason of their lack of development along these special

lines. But a great number of people are able to ~feel~ the subtle

vibrations which give rise to these colors. Just as there are well

authenticated cases of blind men and women being able to distinguish

by the sense of feeling (in touch) the various colors which their

blind eyes fail to see, so are thousands of people able to ~feel~

the auric shades which their imperfectly developed clairvoyant vision

fails to perceive. In this connection it is interesting to note that

science informs us that the sense of Feeling was the first developed

of any of the physical senses; in fact all the other senses are

developments of, and extensions of, the original sense of Feeling. And

there is a close correspondence between this phenomena of the Physical

Senses, and that of the Astral Senses.

But there are other, and perhaps more wonderful, features of Simple

Psychomancy. It is a well established scientific fact that nearly, if

not indeed all, objects are constantly emanating streams of Radiant

Energy, or Streams of Electrons as they are called by some. The

delicate instruments of science are able to detect and register some of

the coarser vibrations of this energy, but the more delicate ones have

so far escaped them. But the Astral Senses of the developed

Psychomancer register and record many of the finer vibrations, and in

this way many so-called "miracles" of occultism are explained. Let us

examine this phenomena at this point.

It becomes apparent to any student of the subject, early in his

investigations, that the Psychomancer is able to "see" things hidden

by other objects, and often surrounded by the densest matter. In other

words he is able to ~see through solid objects~--to see "through a

brick wall" to use the familiar phrase. Now this may seem almost

incredible to one at the first mention of the subject. But when the

skeptic's attention is called to the fact that the "X Rays" and

similar forms of energy recently discovered by science, readily pierce

through solid objects, and may be actually "seen" by the eye (aided by

the proper instruments), or recorded on a photographic plate--then the

impossible feat of "seeing though a brick wall" becomes a very simple,

understandable matter, indeed. And in an almost identical manner the

Psychomancer ~sees through solid object~--and ~the most solid material

becomes transparent to his Astral Sight~.

The fine streams or waves of energy constantly being emanated by all

objects, which are invisible to the naked physical eye, are registered

and recorded by the Astral Sense of Sight. The Psychomancer even by

means of the comparatively elementary power of Simple Psychomancy is

able to see what is going on in an adjoining room, or other nearby

place; to read the contents of a sealed letter; to describe the

contents of a locked, steel book; or to read a chosen passage in a

closed book.

To the developed and trained Psychomancer, when he concentrates his

power, the solid ground over which he is walking, becomes transparent,

and he is able to see down into its depths to a considerable distance.

In this way he may see living underground creatures at work, and play;

and to discover veins of mineral, coal, etc., or underground streams

of water. In these cases the Clairvoyant ~does not travel~ in the

Astral, but merely receives and perceives the subtle vibrations or

streams of fine energy constantly being emanated by the objects. Some

Clairvoyants have developed certain other less common faculties of

Astral Sight, which give the "telescopic" and "microscopic" vision in

these cases, in addition to the main faculty of "seeing" things

through solid coverings.

The question will naturally arise in the mind of the student, whether

there is any limit to the depths open to the Astral Sight of the

Psychomancer (in this phase of the phenomena), as for instance when he

is looking into the solid earth. It may be urged that as objects at

immense distances underground emanate rays just as truly as do objects

nearer the surface, then there should be no difference in the power of

vision. Answering this question we would say that the same objection

and obstacle arises in this case, as in the corresponding physical

phenomena, such as the X Rays. While a far distant object emits rays

just as well as a nearby one, still there is a loss of energy according

to distance, and the Astral Sense, like the Physical Sense, fails to

clearly register after a certain distance is attained. This distance

varies in the case of different persons using their Astral Vision, just

as it does in the case of the different degrees of eyesight possessed

by various persons. And then again, it must not be supposed that the

earth becomes as clear as glass to the Astral Vision. On the contrary

it presents a similar appearance to that obtained when one is seeing

objects through water or mist, with the physical eye. One can see quite

a way through water or mist with the physical eye, but after a certain

distance the impressions grow dim, and finally fade from view. Of

course in the case of the erecting of the Astral Tube better results

may be obtained, but this phenomena belongs to the class of Space


There is another power open to the Psychomancer along the lines of

Simple Psychomancy. We refer to the phenomena of "seeing into" the

physical bodies of other people; examining the internal organs;

diagnosing diseases, etc. Of course, in this case, before the

Clairvoyant is able to correctly diagnose a disease he must be

acquainted with the nature of the organs, and their appearance in their

normal state, etc., so that he will recognize a diseased condition when

he sees it. One must needs have an acquaintance with Anatomy and

Physiology, as well as possessing trained Psychomantic powers for this