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Chitta Or Mind Substance

The Hindu Teachings hold that that which we call "Mind" is not an
intangible something different from anything else in Nature, but that,
on the contrary, it forms a part of Nature's general manifestation, and
is a substantial thing. The Hindus have given to this Mind Substance the
name of Chitta. Without going into metaphysical discussion, or entering
into technical details concerning this Mind Substance or Chitta, we may
say that the Hindus believe it to be one phase of the great
Manifestation which we call Nature--just as that which we call Matter
is another phase of Manifestation--and, like Matter, having its own
particular kind of force, or energy, its own rates of vibrations, and
its own attribute of radiating its vibratory force or energy over space.
Chitta manifests its activity in creating Thought, Emotions, etc., and
also in receiving impressions from the outside world which it translates
into perceptions and ideals. Chitta, or Mind Substance, is not regarded
by the Hindus as being identical with the Soul, or the Ego; but, on the
contrary, they regard it as being an instrument for the expression of
the activity of the Ego, or Soul, just as the Body is another kind of
instrument. Both Body and Mind are regarded as being intended for the
use of the Ego or Soul, and not as identical with the latter. We shall
not discuss these distinctions further in this book, this subject being
apart from the general field and scope of the present work.

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