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Developing Psychometry

"You have doubtless heard of the sensing of sealed letters spoken of as
pure clairvoyance. But this phase of phenomena properly belongs to the
realm of Psychometry. Letters frequently prove to be very excellent
connecting links in psychometric experiments. I advise the student to
begin with old letters. He will be surprised to discover how readily he
will begin to receive psychic impressions from the letters--either from
the person who wrote them, or from the place in which they were written,
or from some one connected with their subsequent history. One of the
most interesting experiments I ever witnessed in Psychometry was that in
which a letter that had been forwarded from place to place, until it had
gone completely around the globe, was psychometrized by a young Hindu
maid. Although ignorant of the outside world of foreign lands, the young
women was able to picture the people and scenery of every part of the
globe in which the letter had traveled. Her report was really an
interesting 'travelogue' of a trip around the world, given in tabloid
form. The student may obtain some interesting results in
psychometrizing old letters--but let him always be conscientious about
it, and be careful to refrain from divulging the secrets that will
become his during the course of these experiments. Let him be honorable
on the psychic plane as well as on the physical plane--more so, rather
than less so, in fact."

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