Example Of Electric Light

Perhaps this matter may be best explained by means of illustrations of

the operation of electricity and light--electric vibrations and light

vibrations. In both cases the secret of the transmission of the

vibrations or waves of vibratory energy may be summed up in the word

"TRANSFORMATION." For instance: When we transmit electric vibrations

over a fine wire or thread of carbon, the electric vibrations are

transformed i
to light vibrations and manifest as "electric light." In

another form of transmission the electric vibrations are transformed

into "electric heat." But this is merely one phase of the

transformation; consider carefully the more complex phases, as follows:

We speak into the receiver of a telephone and the sound vibrations

produced by our voice are transformed into electrical vibrations and in

that form travel over the telephone wire; arriving at the other end of

the wire, these electric vibrations enter into the receiver, and are

there transformed into sound vibrations, and as such are heard by the

person holding the receiver. Now note this: the sound vibrations do not

travel at all; instead, they are transformed into electric waves, which

in turn are transformed at the receiving end of the line into sound

vibrations once more. And unless the receiving apparatus be present, and

properly adjusted, there is no second transformation at all; and in such

case the electric vibrations remain such.