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In Tune With Higher Planes

But, in connection with the above statement of the "in tune" law or rule
of manifestation, we wish to call to the attention of the student the
important fact that the same law prevails in the case of communications
from the higher planes of existence--the so-called "spirit
communications" and other messages of this kind reaching individuals on
our own plane of existence. It is only when the individual on the
"earth plane" becomes "in tune" with the sending mental instrument of
the entity abiding on a higher plane of existence, that it is able to
"pick up" the message being sent to earth. Even the same individual is
often unable to "catch" the messages at one time, while at other times
he experiences no difficulty whatsoever. An understanding of this
fact--this law or rule of manifestation--will throw a great light over
many dark places of misunderstanding and perplexity concerning certain
phases of occult and psychic phenomena. This feature of such phenomena
will be considered in detail in subsequent parts of this book.

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