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Substance And Shadow

Moreover, the earnest investigator of spiritualistic phenomena must
always bear in mind that the mere production of mediumistic phenomena of
the physical phase is not the real object of the investigation and
sittings. These things, interesting as they may be in themselves, should
be regarded as merely the incidents of the intelligent communication and
reception of messages from the inhabitants of the higher planes of life
and existence. The spiritualistic circle should be more than a mere
"wonder shop" in which are exhibited strange and unusual physical
phenomena; rather should it be regarded as the receiving end of the
wireless system over which we may and do receive valuable communications
from those who have passed on before us.

As a writer has said: "It is not so much that the table moves with or
without contact, or that strange rappings are heard, that is of
paramount importance, but that by these means of communication actual
and intelligent communication can be obtained and maintained with
so-called dead people; and evidences of spirit identity, as well as
loving and cheering messages may be obtained in that way from loved ones
who were supposed to be gone forever. This is the important point to be
established beyond all peradventure."

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