The World Of Vibrations

Modern science furnishes abundant testimony to support and substantiate

the teachings of the ancient Hindu sages to the effect that everything

in the Universe is in constant motion, which is manifested by varying

rates, degrees, and modes of vibration. The modern scientists, alike

with the ancient occultist, knows that the differences between the

things of the Universe arise mainly from the different rates, modes, and

degrees of the vibrations manifested in the things themselves. If we

change the vibration of a thing, we practically change the manifested

nature of that thing. The difference between solid ice, liquid water,

semi-gaseous vapor, and gaseous steam is simply the difference caused by

various rates of vibration caused by heat. The difference between red

and blue, green and violet, is simply that caused by varying rates of

vibration. Light and heat, as well as sound, depend for the differences

upon rates of vibration.