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Transformation Of Vibrations

One of the things which seem to greatly puzzle the average student of
the subject of mental vibrations, and thought-transference, is that
which may be called "thought waves." The student is unable to conceive
of a wave of "thought" being projected into the air, and then traveling
along until it reaches the mind of other persons. The difficulty, upon
analysis, is seen to consist of the inability to conceive of "thought"
as being a material substance capable of traveling in "waves." It is no
wonder that the student finds this conception difficult, for there is no
such thing as "thought" traveling in this way. The phenomenon of thought
transference is accounted for scientifically in quite another manner, as
we shall see in a moment. The student is advised to carefully note this
distinction, for upon its understanding depends greatly the intelligent
comprehension of the entire subject of thought vibrations and

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