Transmission Of Thought

Many other facts set forth by modern western science could be cited in

our consideration of the question of the existence of any possible organ

for the reception of thought vibrations, but it is thought that

sufficient evidence of this kind has already been submitted to your

attention--sufficient to remove any reasonable doubts, and to give the

student at least a clear and open mind on the subject. Summing up such

nce, we may say that modern science is fast approaching the

position which is so well expressed by Camille Flammarion, the eminent

French scientist, as follows: "The action of one mind upon another at a

distance--the transmission of thought, mental suggestion, communication

at a distance--all these are not more extraordinary than the action of

the magnet on iron, the influence of the moon on the sea, the

transportation of the human voice by electricity, the revolution of the

chemical constituents of a star by the analysis of its light, or,

indeed, all the wonders of contemporary science. Only these psychic

communications are of a more elevated kind, and may serve to put us on

the track of a knowledge of human nature. What is certain is this: That

Telepathy can and ought to be henceforth considered by Science as an

incontestible reality; that minds are able to act upon each other

without the intervention of the senses; that psychic force exists,

though its nature is yet unknown."