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Unseen Worlds

Listen to what careful thinkers have said concerning the possibility of
entire worlds existing in the same space occupied by us, but of which we
are unconscious by reason of our failure to sense their vibrations: One
says, "All our sensations are due to the impact upon our sense-organs of
vibrations in some form. Variations in the strength and rapidity of
these vibrations constitute the difference in our perceptions. Our range
of response is but a limited one. Some vibrations are too rapid and some
too slow to affect our senses, and therefore we have called to our aid
various mechanical contrivances which enable us to recognize existences
which would otherwise remain unknown. But it is still conceivable that
there may be, and doubtless are, conditions of vibratory energy that
escape us, and which, if we could develop finer senses, would yield
wonderful results and extensions of our power and knowledge. Today,
indeed, we are coming into contact with forces, possibilities, and
personalities which amount to a revelation of a new universe of things."

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