Value Of Identification

In impersonation mediumship, however, no matter how interesting the

manifestation may be, it is of prime importance that the identity of the

spirit should be clearly established, providing that the spirit himself

claims positively to be some particular individual; this, of course,

does not apply to instances in which the spirit does not claim identity

with any particular departed person, and where the communications are

given anonymously. It is this feature of identification that renders

this phase of mediumship so valuable and important. A well-known

medium, in a trance state, once delivered the following message from a

spirit: "Impersonation mediumship is the most valuable that the world

can possibly have today. When by the aid of the impersonating medium,

the inquirer is enabled to converse with his beloved deceased friends,

and they make themselves actually visible in the personality of the

medium, plain to consciousness and understanding, and tell him

specifically points and facts of identity and experience that are

utterly beyond the power of any other intelligence to tell, then he has

something borne in upon him through the senses of sight, of hearing and

understanding that appeals to him. Therefore, the impersonating medium

is the most valuable medium you can present to inquirers." Another

mediumistic writer has said: "This kind of mediumship carries conviction

of the real presence of the so-called dead, and your aim should be to

get into communication with the intelligent operator at the other end of

the line, and elicit from him evidences of his identity and purpose.

Table movements, raps, materializations, writings, messages, or

controls, are of comparatively little value unless by their agency you

can secure proofs of the personal identity and survival after death of

your departed friends, or some indications of a rational purpose on the

part of the operator."