What A Development Circle Is

Now then, with the above advice and admonitions in mind, the persons who

desire to develop and unfold their mediumistic powers will do well to

take the necessary steps to form a development circle. The "circle" it

must be remembered, is not merely a crowd of persons gathered together

for the purpose of witnessing spiritualistic manifestations or

phenomena. Instead, it is a gathering of persons who desire to

n establishing relations with the world of spirits, and to

receive communications therefrom. In the case of the development circle,

the purpose is to demonstrate that well established spiritualistic

principle that the mediumistic faculty in all of its forms is best

developed and unfolded, cultivated and strengthened, by an actual

sitting in the circle, in such a way as to perfect and spiritualize the

magnetism of the sitters by their mutual action on each other, and by

the influence and power of the spirits employing such magnetic and

psychic forces so furnished them by the circle of harmonious sitters.

Or, as a writer has well expressed it: "The purpose for which a spirit

circle is held is that by the blending of the aura, psychic force, or

magnetic emanations of the sitters, the attention of disembodied spirits

may be attracted and a battery be formed by means of which they can

communicate with the circle. The focalization of this force rests with

the unseen operator, and if they are skilled in the 'modus operana,'

they know where, how, and in what way to use it to the best advantage."