Feeling Individuality Genius And Mysticism

The four things here mentioned are very closely associated with one

another, especially the second and third, as is easily perceived, but the

second is rooted in the first. And in the second and third there is

already to be discovered a factor which goes beyond the sphere of the

purely rational, and is no longer accessible to our comprehension, but

carries us over into the sphere of the fourth. This is really true even of

/> the phenomena of moral consciousness and moral "freedom." In this quality,

and in the ethical ideal of "personality," there is implied something that

is inaccessible to a purely rational consideration, and is directly

related to mystery and divination. (What is "personality"? We all feel it.

We respect it from the depths of our soul wherever we meet it. We bow down

before it unconditionally. But what it is no philosophy has ever yet been

able definitely to state. In seeking to comprehend it intuition and

feeling must always play the largest part.)