1. First of all you will need to cut the long side of your cards with a pair of scissors. But do not cut the aces. 2. So now every card, except the aces, are narrowed down by about 2 millimeters on both sides. 3. Either you can shuffle the ... Read more of The Four Ace Trick at Card Trick.caInformational Site Network Informational

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Learning to read crystal balls is an important viewport into the world of the occult. The following articles are about crystal reading.

A Postulate



The Vision



Some Experiences

Directions For Using The Ovoids And Shperes For Crystal Or Mirror Vision

The Practice Of Crystal Vision

Concise Dictionary Of Astrological Terms

The Scientific Position

Materials And Conditions

The Faculty Of Seership

Preliminaries And Practice

Kinds Of Vision

Obstacles To Clairvoyance


Allied Psychic Phases

Experience And Use