The Unity Of Consciousness

2. The same holds true of the unity of consciousness, of which we are

directly convinced. It is quite inexplicable if consciousness is a

function of the extended and divisible physical substratum which is built

up of nerve-cells and nerve-fibres. And yet this unity is the fundamental

condition of our whole inner life.

Even the facts of association demonstrate it. Two images could not come

together, the one could not call up the other, if they were not possessed

in the same consciousness, and could unite in it. It is the preliminary

condition of every higher mode of thought, of every relating of things, of

every comparison and abstraction. No judgment can be formed, no conclusion

drawn without this. How could a predicate become associated with its

subject, or a principal clause with its subordinate clause, if they were

in separate consciousnesses, and how could the conclusion be drawn from