The Antimony Of The Conditioned And The Unconditioned

The antinomy of the conditioned and the unconditioned leads us along

similar lines. Every individual finite thing or event is dependent on its

causes and conditions, which precede it or co-exist in inter-relation with

it. It is conditioned, and is only possible through its conditions. But

that implies that it can only occur or be granted when all its conditions

are first given in complete synthesis. If any one of them failed, it wo

not have come about. But every one of its conditioning circumstances is in

its turn conditioned by innumerable others, and every one of these again

by others, and so on into the infinite, backwards and on all sides, so

that here again something without end and incapable of end must have come

to an end, and must be thought of as having an end, before any event

whatever can really come to pass. But this again is a sheer impossibility

for our thinking: we require and must demand something completed, because

now is really now, and something happens now, and yet in the world as it

appears to us we are always forced to face what cannot have an end.