List Of Persons Sentenced To Death For Witchcraft During The Reign Of James I

1.--Charged with Causing Death.

1603. Yorkshire.

Mary Pannel.

1606. Hertford.

Johanna Harrison and her daughter.

1612. Northampton.

Helen Jenkinson, Arthur Bill, Mary Barber.

1612. Lancaster.

Chattox, Eliz. Device, James Device, Alice Nutter, Katherine

Hewitt, Anne Redfearne.

1612. York.

Jennet Preston.

1613. Bedford.

Mother Sutton and Mary Sutton.

1616. Middlesex.

Elizabeth Rutter.

1616. Middlesex.

Joan Hunt.

1619. Lincoln.

Margaret and Philippa Flower.

1621. Edmonton.

Elizabeth Sawyer.

2.--Not Charged with Causing Death (so far as shown by records).

1607. Rye, Kent.

Two women entertained spirits, "to gain wealth."

1612. Lancaster.

John and Jane Bulcock, making to waste away. It

was testified against them that at Malking Tower they

consented to murder, but this was apparently not in the

indictment. Acquitted, but later convicted.

Alizon Device, caused to waste away.

Isabel Robey, caused illness.

1616. Enfield, Middlesex.

Agnes Berrye, laming and causing to languish.

1616. King's Lynn.

Mary Smith, hanged for causing four people to languish.

1616. Leicester.

Nine women hanged for bewitching a boy. Six more

condemned on same charge, but pardoned by command

of king.

Mixed Cases.

1607. Bakewell.

Our evidence as to the Bakewell witches is too incomplete

to assure us that they were not accused of killing

by witchcraft.

1612. Northampton.

Agnes Brown and Joane Vaughan were indicted for

bewitching Master Avery and Mistress Belcher, "together

with the body of a young child to the death."