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Advice To Trance Mediums

"Most mediums find that their powers vary. Sometimes there seems to be a
high degree of lucidity. The impressions which they receive are clear
and strong; and the ideas seem to flow through them freely, and the
quality of the inspirations is exhilarating, and they feel strengthened
and uplifted. But there are other days when they feel very much alone.
The influence that affects them is weak; they get only hazy impressions,
and there is a woeful lack of ideas. It seems as if the heavens were
brass, or that they themselves were unresponsive. They know not why, but
whatever they can 'lay hold of' to speak, or whatever the spirit people
can project into their sphere seems forced and incomplete. If you should
ever have these experiences, turn your attention to something else. Do
not 'harp on one string' too much. Physical exercise, change of scene,

social company, and rest, will soon restore your tone and renew your

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