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Avoid Psychic Absorption

"You can waste your time, and you can sit in circles, absorb all kinds
of psychological influences, exhaust your own, and in many cases become
so filled up with contending influences that you are in a state of
psychological fever all the time, or so exhaust yourself that you will
become as limp and useless as a rag. This is not the way to use the
opportunities you have; and you should avoid the injudicious,
promiscuous, and insane methods of development of many who are extremely
anxious to develop you as a medium, and who often bring discredit upon
the subject of mediumship, and do no one the slightest practical
good--not even themselves. We admit that the motives of those who
conduct public promiscuous developing circles are good in most cases,
but their methods are frequently 'injudicious'--to put it mildly. Under
ordinary circumstances, your own pure purpose and the spirits who are in
sympathy with your exalted desires and intentions, are sufficient
safeguards against the intrusion of low, mischievous or malicious
spirits, but you should not venture into conditions which require the
trained and disciplined will, and the influence of wise and powerful
spirits to protect you against danger, until you have acquired the
ability to render yourself positive to the psychic spheres of
undesirable people, both in or out of the physical body, and can
voluntarily become passive and responsive to the true and trustworthy
friends whom you know and love."

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