In the theory of vibratory forces, as set forth in the earlier chapters

of this book, we have the only scientific explanation of the phenomena

of distant clairvoyance. Modern science, in its teachings regarding the

radio-activity of physical objects, has thrown much additional light on

this subject, and has corroborated the ancient occult teachings on the

subject. These rays of higher vibratory power are like the rays of light

or heat, although of a much higher rate of intensity and vibratory

motion, and though the most delicate scientific instruments are able to

register some of these, it is still practically admitted by science that

the highest of these radio-active vibrations are beyond the scope and

field of even the most sensitive instrument yet known to science. This

is saying much when we remember that some of the delicate instruments of

science are so sensitive that they are able to register the heat waves

of a candle at the distance of one mile; while others are able to record

the presence of certain chemical elements in the most distant of the

visible stars, by means of the light waves carrying certain forms of