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Reading The Light Waves

Now, if our physical vision was sufficiently powerful to magnify objects
on the stars, or if we had instruments to do this for us, we could
actually witness scenes, objects, persons and events which had passed
out of existence a thousand years ago. Their records are present in
these light waves from the stars, and all that is needed is an eye or a
telescope sufficiently strong to register them upon our mind. In a
fanciful story written by Camille Flammarion, the French astronomer,
many years ago, the principal character relates how, traveling in the
astral body, he was able to witness the events of the French Revolution
which had occurred many years before, by simply proceeding to the
necessary distance from the earth and there perceiving the registered
records in the earth's light-waves traveling through space at the rate
of 186,000 miles a second. In fact, by getting at the right distance he
was able to see even the events of his own childhood and youth, every
event of his life, in fact, up to the moment of his leaving the earth.
This story, fanciful as it is, nevertheless is based upon scientific
facts, and its happenings would be quite possible for a being capable of
traveling at a sufficiently rapid rate through space, and also possessed
of the power of magnifying the records of light rays. In fact, a person
on earth possessing the power of Distant Clairvoyance might be able to
duplicate these feats, providing he were able to come in rapport contact
with one of these light-waves bearing the past-time records. Think for a
moment, and you will grasp the point of this statement.

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