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Time And Space In Crystal Gazing

In the subsequent pages the student will perceive the different
manifestations of clairvoyant vision classified according to the
distinction of Time and Space. Clairvoyant vision may disclose objects,
scenes, or persons either near by in space, or far off in space; either
existing in present time, in past time, or in future time. Inasmuch as
the visions of crystal gazing are merely particular forms of clairvoyant
vision, it follows that all of the several above named distinctive forms
of vision are manifested in crystal gazing. The vision shown in the
crystal may be that of something very near in space, or perhaps very far
off in space, or removed in space only a moderate distance. Likewise
such vision may be based upon things existing at the present time, or at
some period of past time, or at some period of and visions of past,
present, or future things, events, persons, scenes--each or all of these
manifestations are possible to the clairvoyant vision of the crystal
gazer, and pictured in the reflecting surface of the crystal or other
shining surface employed by him in his experiments.

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