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Simple Psychomancy

The phenomena of Psychomancy may be divided into three general classes,
depending upon the nature of the "seeing," as follows:

I. Simple Psychomancy, by which is meant the power of "sensing" by
means of the Astral Senses in the degree of a mere "quickening" of the
Astral Senses sufficiently to enable one to "sense" more clearly any
etheric vibrations or currents; the auric emanations of persons and
things; and similar phases of Psychomantic phenomena; but which does
not include the power to sense actual occurrences happening in distant
places; nor the power to sense the records of the past, or to receive
indications of the future.

II. Space Psychomancy, by which is meant the power to sense ~distant~
scenes, persons, or objects.

III. Time Psychomancy, by which is meant the power to sense objects,
events, persons, etc., in the records of the past; and also the power
to sense the indications of the future--the "shadows of coming events."

Simple Psychomancy is very much more common than is generally supposed.
Very many people are quite sensitive to "impressions" coming to them in
this way, which while akin to the impressions of Telepathy,
nevertheless belong to the higher grade of Psychic Phenomena known as
Psychomancy. It may be well to state here the difference between
ordinary Telepathic impressions, and those of Simple Psychomancy. Many
students are perplexed by the similarity between the two mentioned
classes of phenomena, and we think it advisable to set them straight
regarding the matter, at this point.

As we have stated in our previous work in this series, (entitled
"Practical Mind Reading") Telepathy is occasioned by the passage of
Thought Waves or Currents, passing from one brain to another, just as
pass the waves of Heat, Light, Electricity, etc. In Telepathy the brain
of the Transmitter sends forth the vibration, waves, or currents, and
the brain of the Receiver registers the same, receiving them by means
of the Pineal Gland which acts in a manner closer resembling that of
the receiving instrument in Wireless Telegraphy. In Telepathy there is
merely the sending and receiving of thought vibrations, ~over the
physical organs~.

But in Simple Psychomancy, the person may, and does, receive the
thought vibrations emanating from the mind of another, but not over
the physical channels, as in Telepathy, ~but by means of the Astral
Senses~. In this lies the difference.

Now, it follows that the Astral Senses being far more keen and acute
than the Physical Senses, the former will register vibrations and
impressions far more readily than the latter, and will often register
impressions that the Physical Senses (even the Pineal Gland organ) take
no account of. In this way the person in whom the Astral Senses are
even partially developed will receive impressions of the thoughts of
others that even the most acute Mind Reader will fail to notice; as
well as words actually spoken by the other person; and ideas forming in
the mind of the other person not yet expressed in active thought-waves.

But, it should be added, the development of Telepathic powers very
frequently grow into a development of Psychomantic powers, and so the
former is one of the easiest paths to the latter, and may be used in
developing Clairvoyant power, and in unfolding the Astral Senses. In
this way the person possessing even a moderate degree of Psychomantic
power often "feels" the thoughts, ideas, emotions, and other mental
states of the people around him, and knows without any words being used
just what the others are thinking and feeling. This is often perceived
by merely the increased power to receive and register the
Thought-vibrations, but in some cases the ability to sense the "Aura"
of the other persons heighten the impression.

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