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Investigate Your Spirits

Finally, the young medium should understand the true nature of the
spirits, and just how far he may be safely guided by their advice and
wishes. The instructions given by an intelligent spirit of good
character may be safely followed as a rule, but the character and
general intelligence of a particular spirit must first be ascertained
through acquaintance with him. Until the character of a spirit has been
fully established, and his claim to intelligence well supported by his
messages, the medium will do well to rely on his or her own good
judgment and intuition. As a writer has well said: "The medium must keep
a level head and proceed cautiously. He should never allow any spirit,
in or out of the body, to usurp his right of private judgment or
exercise any undue authority over him. Eternal vigilance is the price
of liberty; you must use your own discretion and try the spirits before
you trust to them."

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