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Pre-test Manifestations

Do not be in too much of a hurry to obtain "test" messages. Let the
communications flow on in a somewhat rambling manner at first, until the
lines of communication are fully and firmly established, and then you
may begin to think about asking test questions of the spirits in order
to establish their identity. A writer says on this point: "Should table
movements occur, or raps be heard, let them go on for a little. Do not
ask test questions just yet. Request repetitions, or ask for them to be
clearer or louder, so that they may be sharp and decisive. You may also
ask for a certain number of movements or raps. After that, you may
proceed to ask questions as to whether the circle is sitting in the best
arrangement for success. If changes are desired, these should be made as
suggested. It may happen that one or more of the sitters may be
requested to change places, or to withdraw from the table altogether. In
such a case the sitter should not take umbrage for it merely means that
their psychical conditions do not blend with those of the rest of the

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