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Opening Of The Seance

It will be well to open the seance with a few moments of earnest, silent
meditation--a few moments of dwelling "in the silence," as some have
well called it; and these moments should be observed in a religious and
devotional state of mind, all frivolity and flippancy being carefully
avoided. If some present feel moved to prayer, then by all means let the
prayer be made, for there can scarcely be a more fitting occasion for
reverent prayer than a properly conducted seance. A few moments of
hymn-singing may also be found advantageous in the direction of
producing the devotional state of mind on the part of the sitters. The
sitters should preserve a solemn frame of mind and reverent general
demeanor during the seance--perhaps the best model is that of an old
time Quaker Meeting in which the silent devout spiritual feeling was so
plainly manifest that it could almost be felt physically. Patience is
necessary in conducting a seance, and perseverance is essential. The
manifestations cannot be unduly forced, and there is often required a
great deal of psychical adjustment before the lines of the spiritual
communication between the two great planes of life are fully

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