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Psychometric Readings

"The person who sits for the psychometrist for a 'reading' should not be
antagonistic nor frivolous, neither should he desire special
information, nor concentrate his thought forces upon any given point, as
otherwise he may dominate the psychic and thus mislead him into
perceiving only a reflex of his own hopes or fears. He will do well to
preserve an open mind, and an impartial though sympathetic mental
attitude, and then await results. It is unwise to interrupt, explain, or
question during the time that a delineation is being given, for by so
doing the psychic sphere is disturbed and the thought projections caused
to act like the breezes upon the surface of a lake, producing confused
and distorted appearances. It is best to allow the descriptions to be
given in its entirety before asking questions regarding any of its
details; it is quite possible or probable that the very points upon
which inquiries seem necessary will be more fully elucidated before the
close of the reading. If a special reading, and not a general one is
required--say, for instance, a diagnosis of diseased conditions--a hint
of what is desired at the outset should be sufficient."

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