Its Multiplication

The Ancient Wise, having found the Stone, and prepared it to a perfect

power, and mutation of the imperfect Metals into Gold, have a long time

enquired whether a thing were not to be found to augment the power of

the Stone; and they found two kinds of Augmentation, one of the power of

it, so that the Stone may be brought much higher; of this multiplication

you will find direction in the Treatise of Gold. The other Augmentation

is an augmentation of the quantity of the Stone, in its former power, so

that it receives no more, nor loses any thing of its power, though it

increase in weight, and augment more and more, that out of one Ounce

many Ounces arise and increase.

The Augmentation or Multiplication is done as followeth; Take your Stone

in Gods Name, grind it to a subtile powder, add to it as much of the

Mercury of Gold, as is taught before, put them together into a fine

round Vial, seal it hermetically, set it into the fiery Furnace,

proceeding as you have been instructed before, only this time is

shorter, for whereas before you had ten (thirty) days, now you need no

more than four (ten) days, otherwise the work is one and the same.

Praise and give thanks to Almighty God for his high Revelation, continue

in Prayer for his Grace and Divine Blessing in this Art and Operation,

as likewise for continuance of Health and Prosperity; withal let the

poor be recommended to your Help and Charity.

* * * * *