Of The Soul Or Tincture Of Tin

Good Jupiter possesses almost the mean or middle place between Metals,

it being not too hot, nor too cold, not too warm, nor too moist, it hath

no excess of Mercury, nor of Salt, and it hath the least of Sulphur in

it; it is found to be white in Colour, yet one exceeds the other in the

three Principles, as it is evidently found in its dissection, the right

and true discovery of Nature. It is generated of such a composition and

mixture of the three first Principles, being operated, coagulated into

a Metal, and brought to the ripeness of perfection. Jupiter is a God

of Peace, a Lord of Goodness, a Ruler and Possessor of the middle

Region; as concerning its State, Essence, Function, Virtue, Form and

Substance; for it holds the mean; no special Disease can happen, that

Jupiter should cause any remarkable damage, if its Medicine be used a

little at once, not too much in quantity; it is likewise thought

needless, where its Medicines are not required, that they should be

administred in strange cases with a just Call, but we should rather

abide by those, where the Body and its Disease have an equal temper with

the superiour Stars and their assistance, in vertue, power, and

operation, and so accord together in their juncture, that there is not

found the least contrariety in the Operation, nor in the Operative


Jupiters Spirit is found not to be wanting in the least, in the

generation of Metals, as likewise no one Spirit of all the Metals can be

set backwards, because of necessity they accord together from the lowest

to the highest degree, and must agree together, as a Metal is perfect in

the great Earth, so should the transmutation & augmentation succeed in

the little world; understand it after this manner, that all the degrees

from the meanest to the highest Metal must be passed through in all

perfection, even as the Metals must finish their course, from Saturn

unto Gold, as concerning the permanency of Colour and Body,

notwithstanding that Saturn possesses the highest place in the

highest Region, wherein the stars reign and perform their Course.

The generation of Tin in and above the Earth, is brought to light even

as Man is and other Animals, which are originally nourished and fed by

the Mothers Milk; there is no Diet to be found on Earth more fit for the

nourishment of all men than Milk; for its best part is chiefly an Animal

Sulphur, which yields the Nourishment. Even in like manner Tin is

nourished by its Metallick Sulphur, which likewise feeds it with the

greatest acceptation, it assumes in and to it more heat than Saturn,

therefore is Jupiter more digested & broiled, whereby its Body

likewise is more fixt and permanent in the degree of Salt.

He causes in his Dominion and Reign, that good Rule be observed, and

Justice done to all men in his Court. The Spirit of Tin is a Preserver

from all Distempers & Accidents whereby the Liver is consumed or put

into malady; its Spirit is naturally to be compared unto Honey in Taste,

its Mercury being made volatile, gains a venomous quality; for it

purges violently, and penetrates through by force, therefore it is not

alwayes to be advised, that its opened Mercury should be used alone

and simply, but if a Correction precede, there may an excellent benefit

succeed, being used in those distempers and diseases, which are

immediately subject to its Influence, that is, when its venomous

volatility is taken away, and set in a better and fixeder state, which

resists the poison.

The Vulgar Physician cannot understand this Description; for this Art

and knowledge proceeds not from the bare Talking, but from Experience;

the common Physician hath the foundation and egress in speaking, but our

Preparation hath its Rise from speaking, and then its foundation first

of all out of a certain trial, which manifests it by Experience, and

this is firmed upon hard Rocks by manual Operations, but the other

stands upon moving Reeds & Sand; wherefore in reason that which is

strong and immoveable, made by Natures hand, ought to be prefer'd before

bare Speeches, which proceed only from an inconstant phantastical

speculation, because the Work alwayes will praise the Master.

At present I do not indeed speak according to my own Poetical manner,

nor after such a way as I directed my stile, when I treated of the

wonderful generation of the seven Planets in my occult Philosophy, nor

after a Magical or Cabalistical manner and custom; much less do I

observe the method which teaches, and diligently marks the Mystical,

Secret and Supernatural Arts, to wit, of Hydromancy, AEromancy,

Geomancy, Pyromancy, Nigromancy, and the like: But my present

purpose and intent is directed to reveal Natures Secrets, that all the

Lovers of Art, and the Children which seek and desire wisdom, may by

Gods Grace, Blessing, and Permission, easily understand, observe, mark,

and likewise after diligent observation learn, & retain something that

is beneficial; this concerns the generation of Metals in two parts, in

the great and in the little World, as likewise what is the true Medicine

contained in the inward part of those Metallick and Mineral Forms, which

must be apprehended and made moveable by their dissection that their

first beginning may be made notoriously visible in three distinct

things; Then is Nature stript, and her secret parts discovered by laying

off her temporal Cloathing, and all the secret Virtues, Powers, and,

Operations revealed for Mans Health. My Persecutors, and, indiscreet

Physicians will now tell me, thou talkest much of Geese, and knowest not

a Duck; who knows whether all what thou writest be true? I will stick

where I am, and remain by what I have tried, and bears the sway among

all my Associates and Physitians; so shall I not be deceived, and am

assured that I shall not need to take paines to learn any new Matter. He

that is of such a resolution, may remain with the Ducks; for he is not

worthy of a roasted Goose, nor to learn what is concealed in Nature.

But this in truth I acknowledge, and confess it before the Supreme

Trinity, speaking it to the hazzard of that most Noble Ecclesiastical

Jewel, that all what I have wrote, and yet shall write in this point, is

all true, and shall be found to be no otherwise in truth: But that every

ignorant, or vulgar person, which are haters and persecutors of this

Mystery, do not well, fully, and clearly understand my Writings at

first; alas! that cannot I help; pray unto God for his Grace, and ye

Persecutors for pardon, labour without repining, read with

understanding, then will no Mystery be withheld from you, but will be

very easie for you to find out. I moreover admonish, that the finder of

this gift of God, above all things give thanks unto God day and night

without ceasing, with all reverence and due obedience, from the bottom

of his heart; because no Creature can yield sufficient praise which may

recompense so great a benefit; but Diligence is known by a right and

true industry according to our capacity. I have done my part, which I

hope to justifie before God and the World; for what my Eyes have seen,

my Hands felt, and apprehended by an undeceived Judgment, that shall no

man take from me in this Life; only Death, which is the determiner of

all things.

This my Speech hath indeed had no force to poure forth from it what is

written by me herein; but what I have done is not out of curiosity, nor

out of a desire of vain and transitory Glory; but I have been induced

thereunto by the Command of Christ the Lord, that his Glory and Goodness

in eternal and temporal Matters, should not be concealed from any man,

but to the praise, honour, and glory of his holy everlasting Name, that

it might be exalted, acknowledged, and revealed in his Majesty by reason

of his Highness and Almightiness, through the confirmation of his

wonderful Deeds! And secondly, I have been led thereunto by Love and

Charity towards my Neighbour, for his good as for my own, and to heap

burning Coals on my Enemies heads. And last of all, that all Opposers

may know, what erroneous waies others have gone against me, and whether

I am most of all to be condemned, or they adjudged most just in what

hath been written most truly of the concealments of Nature; & likewise

that the supremest Mystery may not quite be suffocated in darkness, nor

be drowned in overflowing waters, but be delivered out of the deep and

filthy mire of the Ideotish Crew by the right appearance of the true

Light, and obtain many witnesses by the spreading abroad of a sure,

true, and right Confession, who may follow me in the Writings of Truth.

In my Nativity of the twelve Signes in the Zodiack, Sagitary and

Pisces were allotted unto me; I was born under Pisces, for I was in

Waterishness before my Life, but Sagitary set an Arrow to my Heart,

whereby I lost my Waterishness, and by the heat I became worthy of the

dry Earth; and although at the first the Earth was turned by the Water

into a soft substance, yet you must understand that the Water was

consumed by the heat of the drying Air, so that all the soft Matter of

the Earth went away, and by this drying up was dignified with a

Hardness; whereby thou Learner, and much Understander should carefully

observe and take good notice, that Tin is subject to all the four

Elements, as also to the other principal Planets; which Elements

received their Center from above, and are generated as others.

To conclude, I let you know, and give you to understand, that if thou

extract out of Benevolent Jupiter its Salt and Sulphur, and lettest

Saturn flux well with it, Saturn assumes a fixt body unto it, purges

it self, and becomes clear thereby, there being a full change and real

transmutation of Lead into good Tin, which may be found to the height by

a durable infallible proof. And though you may think this to be false,

yet you must take notice, that seeing the Salt of Jupiter only by its

Sulphur is made more corporal, yet likewise it hath obtained an efficacy

and power to penetrate Saturn, the basest and most volatile Metal, and

bring it to a melioration of its Equals, as you will find it in