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A Work Of Saturn
In A Hectick
In Agues
In The Apoplexie
In The Dropsie
In The Gout
In The Leprosie
In The Plague
Introduction Tincture
Its Multiplication
Its Use In External Diseases
Its Use In Physick
Now My Child Why Is Saturn Fluxible As Wax?
Now We Come To The Manual Operation
Of The First Tincture And Roots Of Metals
Of The Soul Or Tincture Of Tin
Of The Spirit And Tincture Of Mars
Of The Spirit Of Copper
Of The Spirit Of Gold
Of The Spirit Of Mercury
Of The Spirit Of Saturn Or Tincture Of Lead
Of The Spirit Of Silver
Projection Upon Metal
Stibium Or Antimony
The Multiplication Of The Stone Now Perfected
What Hath God In Us For Whose Sake He Hath Created All These Wonders And All These Things?
Why Is It As White As Snow?
Why Is It Sweet?

Its Use In Physick

This Stone cures all Leprous people, Plague, and all Diseases which may
reign upon Earth, or befal Mankind; this is the true Aurum potabile,
and the true Quintessence which the Ancients sought; this is what thing
whereof the whole Troop of Philosophers speak so wondrously, using all
possible skill to conceal its Name and Operation, as aforesaid.

Take of this Stone the quantity of a Wheat-corn, lay it in a little good
Wine in a small Glass, half full, or a quarter full, make the Wine warm,
the Stone will melt like Butter, and the Wine will be red as Bloud, and
very sweet in your mouth, as ever you tasted; for to speak
comparatively, it is so sweet in taste that Honey and Sugar may be
compared as Gall to it; give this unto the Patient to drink, lay him in
Bed, but lay not too many cloaths upon him, the Stone hastens forthwith
to the heart, expelling thence all ill humors, thence dilating it self
through all the Arteries and Veins of the whole Body, rousing up all
humours, the party will sweat, for the Stone opens all the pores of the
Body, and drives forth all humours thereby, so that the Patient will
seem to have been in the Water, yet will this sweating not make him
sicker, for the Stone expels only what is adverse to Nature, preserving
what is consonant unto it in its being, therefore the Patient is not
sicker or weaker; but the more he sweats the stronger and lustier will
he be, the Veins will be lighter, and the Sweat continues till all evil
Humours be driven out of the Body, and then it ceases.

The next day you shall take of it the quantity of a Wheat-corn, in warm
Wine again, you will go to stool immediately, and that will not cease so
long as you have any thing in your Body which is contrary to Nature, and
the more Stools the Patient hath, the stronger and lighter at heart will
he be; for the Stone drives nothing forth but what is adverse and
prejudicial to Nature.

The third day give the like quantity in warm Wine, as aforesaid; it will
so fortifie the Veins and Heart, that the party will not think himself
to be a Man, but rather a Spirit, all his Members will be so light and
lively, & if the party will take the like quantity of a Wheat-Corn every
day for the space of nine days, I tell you, his Body will be as
spiritual as if he had been nine days in the terrestrial Paradise,
eating every day of the Fruit, making him fair, lusty, and young;
therefore use this Stone weekly, the quantity of a Wheat-Corn with warm
Wine, so shall you live in health unto the last hour of the time
appointed for you by God.

What say you, my Child, is not this the true Aurum potabile, and the
true Quintessence, and the thing which we seek? It is a spiritual thing,
a Gift which God bestows upon his Friends, therefore, my Child, do not
undertake this Divine Work, if you find your self in deadly Sins, or
that your intent be otherwise than to Gods Glory, and to perform those
things which I taught you before.

I tell you truly, you may see the Work, or begin it, but I am certain
you shall never accomplish it, nor see the Stone, God will order it so,
it will break, fall, or some one Disaster or other will happen, that you
shall never see the Stone, or accomplish it. Therefore if you find
yourself otherwise, do not begin the work, for I know assuredly, you
will lose your Labour; wherefore deceive not yourself. Enough to the

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