The Five Methods

The method of Psychometry may be employed in a number of ways, among

which are the following, all of which are subject to many variations

and combinations:

1. Locating a person by means of a lock of hair, article of clothing,

handkerchief, ribbon, piece of jewelry, bit of writing, etc. In this

manner not only may a good Psychometrist locate the person, but will

also be able to give an idea of his characte
istics, habits, health,


2. Describing a person's characteristics, past life, future, etc., by

means of the rapport condition made possible by the person's presence.

3. Describing a present distant scene by means of a bit of mineral,

plant, or similar object once located at the place.

4. Describing the surrounding underground characteristics by means of a

bit of mineral, etc.

5. Getting into touch with the past history of an object, or its

surroundings, by means of the object itself. For instance, a bullet

from the battle-field may give the history of the battle; a bit of

ancient pottery, the characteristics and habits of the people who made

or used it, as well as the appearance of the land in which they dwell,


In all of these phases, with their variations and combination, the

student will see the operation of the phenomena under the various heads

as classified by us in this work. Each Occurrence or manifestation will

be found to fit into the class of Simple Psychomancy; Space

Psychomancy; Past Time Psychomancy; or Future Time Psychomancy.

(See Lesson II, for suggestions regarding development of Psychometric